Probably the last of the onions going out tomorrow to the Kenai Food Hub

I planted bunching onions early this spring. I never bothered to document how they were doing because they didn’t do much all season.  It seemed like we would just get enough for a family salad. The past few weeks with a little warm weather they plumped up and are fantastic, all of them made it.  I sold 12 bags on the Kenai Food Hub.   More are ready!!!

Another Cold Rainy Day

I gave up on most of my outdoor planting yesterday.  I started out with plans to pull weeds.  The vegetables were barely poking up after almost two months.  There were a few beets doing ok, and the potatoes are starting to get bigger.  The beans, lettuces, peas, everything else was nearly dead and not growing.  The weeds and grass on the other hand were thriving.  Time to throw in the towel and start over with something that might have a chance yet this summer and fall.  I think a bunch of Kale might be in order.

The High Tunnel is doing awesome though, what a contrast.

Outside Beets

6/20: The Merlin beets came up. It’s been cool and rainy with just a few warm days.  I’ve been watering a little on the days it doesn’t rain to keep the seeds damp.

6/8 Planted 4 types of Beets, Chiogga, Touchstone Gold, Colorful, and Merlin