High Tunnel Cucumber

8/4:  three more today.

8/3:  Had one cuke today, still young but tasty.  So many more on the way.

7/27: First cucumber any day.  Lots more coming…  

6/13. Most of the plants came up.  Replanted today in a few spots

Cucumber planted 5/19.  Two varieties.  

Inside Carrot

8/8: Harvesting 15 lbs of carrots today, both regular Nantes and, orange Romeo ball carrots. Kenai Food Hub

8/1:  Harvested 10 lbs of orange and 10 of product carrots.  Off to the Kenai Food Hub drop off tomorrow.  Lots more carrots are ready to go next week.  The little ball carrots are awesome.

7/26: Most carrots are ready.  Planning to pull them next week. 

Five types of carrot planted on 5/11.  A few are emerging on 5/20.

6/7.  We’ve had a few cool weeks.  The carrots are making progress but going slow.  Most of them are emerging but just barely.  


8/1:  The broccoli prove to be the most challenging cruiser this year.  They were doing great but broke out in butter yellow flowers almost over a few hours.  I harvested what I could and they’re based and ready for the food hub.  Only 4 pounds when I had sold 10  I hope the refund process at for hub is painless for the customers.  It’s good flavor, just not enough quantity.

7/26:  The broccoli are ready.  There are a few small heads that are ready,  lots more to come

A few of these broccoli were transplants, but most of it was planted 5/11.  It’s coming up on 5/19 and 20.  The early green broccoli is a few days ahead of the Romanesco.
6/7/17:. We’ve had a few cold weeks.  The Early Start is growing well.   The Romanesco is still a little behind.

6/13 The early start is still ahead.  Replanted the row of romanesco with regular broccoli.  I’ll thin the spots where they both come up.

6/22:. The broccoli is doing good.  Some of it is a bit leggy but mostly doing good.


8/3: tomatoes are doing awesome.  A few here and there are rope and have incredible flavor.  Lots more on the way.  Lots of green tomatoes and flowers.

May 19th.  24 plants planted today  The irrigation system is running.  The starts came from both Anchor Point Greenhouse and Wagon Wheel.  There are some red and yellow cherry tomatoes and three different regular tomatoes.  The black Typar is supposed to help get the ground temperature higher.  The soil temperature was 67 today under the Typar.  Last year the highest temperature was 55 on a warm day.  So it seems it is helping.


Spring Green Beans

8/4:  Picked green beans just a few, lots more close to ready.

Planted green beans yesterday.

6/7/17  Only a few of the beans came up.  It was probably too cold right after planting.  We had a cold spell for about a week.  Replanted today.  Added a row of sweet corn between the rows of beans.  I think by the time the beans get bushy the curb will be taller than the beans.