8/3: tomatoes are doing awesome.  A few here and there are rope and have incredible flavor.  Lots more on the way.  Lots of green tomatoes and flowers.

May 19th.  24 plants planted today  The irrigation system is running.  The starts came from both Anchor Point Greenhouse and Wagon Wheel.  There are some red and yellow cherry tomatoes and three different regular tomatoes.  The black Typar is supposed to help get the ground temperature higher.  The soil temperature was 67 today under the Typar.  Last year the highest temperature was 55 on a warm day.  So it seems it is helping.


Spring Green Beans

8/4:  Picked green beans just a few, lots more close to ready.

Planted green beans yesterday.

6/7/17  Only a few of the beans came up.  It was probably too cold right after planting.  We had a cold spell for about a week.  Replanted today.  Added a row of sweet corn between the rows of beans.  I think by the time the beans get bushy the curb will be taller than the beans.